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讲座通知-Development in Task Space

讲座题目:Development in Task Space

主讲人:Gaaitzen de Vries

讲座时间:2022623日 下午16:00


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Password: 614593


This lecture discusses the empirical relation between growth and specialization in trade. It describes the average task content in exports over levels of economic development. The probability a country specializes in a particular new task in Global Value Chains is positively related to the proximity of this task to the country’s current task set. This suggests specialization characterized by path dependence as capabilities (such as technologies, production factors, institutions, and human capital) determine the past set of tasks, and govern what a country currently does. We observe that some countries achieve specialization in new tasks that are not in close proximity to their past specialization, which includes China. Regression results suggest faster growth in GDP per capita for countries that have a higher degree of path-defying task specialization.


Gaaitzen de Vries is associate professor at the department of Global Economics and Management of the University of Groningen and special term visiting professor of Global Value Chains at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. He is a fellow of SOM, the research school of the faculty.

Gaaitzen is a member of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre. His research is mostly on topics that fit in the fields of International Economics and Development Economics. He (co-) authored articles that appeared in peer-reviewed international journals such as the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Perspectives, the Journal of Development Economics, the Journal of Economic Geography, the Journal of Regional Science, and Economic Policy.