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讲座通知-De-industrialization and Industry Polarization

主讲人:Kei-mu Yi

讲座时间:2022616日 上午10


Zoom ID: 836 1163 0156

Password: 371967


We add to recent evidence on deindustrialization and document a new pattern: increasing industry polarization over time. We assess whether these new features of structural change can be explained by a dynamic open economy model with two primary driving forces, sector-biased productivity growth and sectoral trade integration. We calibrate the model to the same countries used to document our patterns. We find that sector-biased productivity growth is important for deindustrialization by reducing the relative price of manufacturing to services, and sectoral trade integration is important for industry polarization through increased specialization. The interaction of these two driving forces is also essential.


Kei-Mu Yi is a senior vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

He is currently on leave from the University of Houston, where he is the M.D. Anderson Professor of Economics. He is also a research associate with the International Trade and Investment, and International Finance and Macroeconomics programs at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Previously, he held positions with the Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. In Philadelphia, he was head of the macro section. In Minneapolis, he was senior vice president and director of research and, subsequently, special policy adviser to the bank president.

Earlier, he was an assistant professor of economics at Rice University.

Yi received a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago.