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Kunfu Zhu

Dr. Zhu is associateprofessor of Economics at the Research Center of Global Value Chains (RCGVC), University of International Business and Economics. He obtained his M.S. in Management Sciences from Xi’an JiaotongUniversity, China, and Ph.D. inManagement Sciences from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He had worked as anassistantprofessor for the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and as an associateprofessor for the Center of Economic Forecasting Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.His major fields of expertise include Measurement of Global Value Chains, Input-Output Analysis, Chinese macro economies, and international trade.

He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed papers in English and Chinese, including Journal of Comparative Economics,China Economic Review, Energy Economics, Applied Energy, Global Environmental Change, Economic Systems Research, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Social Sciences in China (in Chinese) and Economic Research Journal(in Chinese). He recently earned the Sun Yefang Economic Science Award (2009), the top  honorfor economic research award in China. He also won Anzijie International Trade Research Award (2016), the highest research award for international trade research in China, and PeiKang Zhang Development Economic Research Award (2009).