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John Whalley

John Whalley


Department of Economics

Faculty of Social Science

The University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario N6A 5C2 CANADA 


John Whalley is Professor of Economics; Co-Director, Centre for the Study of International Economic Relations, Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.  He received his B.A. Hons. (1st Class) in Economics and M.A. (With Distinction) from University of Essex, and M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. from Yale University.  His research interests are General Equilibrium; Trade; Globalization, the WTO and the global trading system; Public Finance; Taxes; China and the Asian Economies; Environmental Economics (Climate Change) .His teaching fields are General Equilibrium; Public Finance; Development; International Trade. 

His representative publications are:

"Resist Green Protectionism – or Pay the Price at Copenhagen" (with Simon J. Evenett), in The Collapse of Global Trade, Murky Protectionism, and the Crisis: Recommendations for the G20, Richard Baldwin and Simon Evenett (eds.), London, UK: VoxEU.org and Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), 2009, pp. 93-98.

"Goods Market Responses to Trade Shocks and Trade and Wages Decomposition," Canadian Journal of Economics, 36: 747-757, 2003, with L. Abrego.

"Discreteness and the Welfare Cost of Labour Supply Tax Distortions," International Economic Review, 44: 1117-1133, 2003, with K. Bhattarai.

"The Problem of Capital Flight from Russia," The World Economy, 421-444 (1999), with A. Abalkin.