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About us

Core Functions of RIGVC

Platform for Frontier GVC Research

RIGVC will stay at the forefront of this wave of intellectual development by addressing the pressing GVC research topics under organized themes. It will focus its research efforts on the following topics: Statistical Measurement and Economic Analysis of GVC; Domestic Segment of GVC; GVC Development and Taxation System Reforms; GVC and the Real Effective Exchange Rate; GVC and Carbon Emission; GVC and Service Trade; E-commerce, Big data, and GVC; Industry and Enterprise Based Case Studies.


Platform for Academic Exchange

RIGVC will establish the international platform for academic exchange in various ways. It will regularly organize international world-class academic conferences on GVC related issues. It will also employ world leading academics to form an international expert team to work closely with the local research team of the institute on research projects. It will also establish an “Invited International Senior Expert Program” and a “Domestic Visiting Scholars Program” on a more long-term basis for academic exchange.


Platform for the Integration of Official Statistics

RIGVC will standardize the access and the use rights of official and confidential statistics,  and assure the authority of the integrated official statistics to provide a “one-stop” shop that integrates data from different sources.


Platform for GVC Education and Training

Through postgraduate courses, post-doctor training station, the visiting scholars programs, and the summer training and research workshops, RIGVC will serve as a platform for GVC education and training. RIGVC will also provide a platform of learning and communication for students and scholars who are engaged in GVC research; and training of first-line college teachers by international education resources arranged by the institute.


Platform for Policy Research and Enterprise Strategic Consulting

RIGVC will integrate its own academic and professional resources to establish consulting teams composed of different experts. Taking advantage of its role as a think-tank, the institute will provide consulting services at both the micro level (i.e. corporate GVC development strategies) and the macro level (i.e. the development of national industrial, fiscal or trade policies) on GVC related issues.