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Jiandong Ju

Jiandong Ju


Department of Economics, SEM, Tsinghua University

386H Weilun Building

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China


Jiandong Ju is Professor of Economics at Tsinghua University, the Director at Center for International Economic Research at Tsinghua University since 2010, the Vice President at International Economics and Finance Society-China since 2011, and the Vice President, China Trade Research Group from 2010. Jiandong Ju is also Professor of Economics at University of Oklahoma since 2011, and before that he was Associate Professor at University of Oklahoma, Consultant at World Bank, Resident Scholar at International Monetary Fund, and Instructor of Mathematics at Nanjing Agricultural University. He received his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University, and his M.A. degree from Tsinghua University.


Ju’s research interests are International Trade, International Finance, and Industrial Organization. He is the author, co-author of several books including When Is Quality of Financial System a Source of Comparative Advantage? (with Shang-Jin Wei,2011),Consumer Heterogeneity, Income Distribution, and Welfare Impact of Free Trade (Review of International Economics,2011),etc.